Life without screens is a fairy tale, they are here to stay… what is important is how we monitor the time our children spend on them. As a mum of three I have no delusions about screens… Nanny McTv helps me out all the time, its important that we have options other than screens.

Our books are perfect to preoccupy our little ones mind during downtime or out and about. We offer our books in two sizes, both handbag friendly so are ideal when you’re having a cuppa with friends, visiting restaurants or on a journey – short or long.

A Little More About Us...
Cosmic Fox

Hi Guys…..well here you are, and here am I!! I am the Cosmic Fox. I spend my time searching the galaxy for foxtastic ideas to keep kids (like me too!) off screens and doing stuff that's fun and creative.

We love scribbling, doodling, colouring, that is what Cosmic Fox is all about. I am glad you have found us because we have some cosmic adventures in store for you!!

The Big Boss!

I am the Big Boss – I am the head Honcho… I am the one with the power to get you kids off your electronic devices – get your creative juices flowing and eventually make you my minions.

I dream of taking over the world with my ideas! (No I really do expect to take over the world or win The Apprentice – Murhahahahah! (my villain Big Boss laugh!)

My team are here to find the best ideas and I am here to push them forward, together we will make the world a super duper place for kids, and not ruled by electronic devices – ruled by me!

Mr Maimai

Hiya…..I am Mr Maimai! Ok, so I'm not really a man, I know I fooled you but this isn't a real moustache either – I definitely fooled you... i really did didn't I!

I may not be a man but I am a Maimai… I work for the Big Boss, who is mega bossy, loud and a bit of a slave driver – well not really! (she is my big sister – Shush! don't tell anyone, but the Cosmic Fox is my twin sister!)

I was tasked with finding costastic ideas to help us kids get creative and put down our screens... luckily I met the Cosmic Fox who helps me... only a little bit!

Cat Stevens

Hi, I’m Cat Stevens… Not the real one, but I am real and I am called Cat Stevens… yes really I am!

I am a board member but am mostly just bored working for the Big Boss…..I do love a doodle though.

Shirley Temple

I am…Shirley Temple I have heard there is a woman also called Shirley Temple, but she can't be anywhere near as glamorous or cute as me !!

I am here as a member of the board team – but I am far too glamorous to do any real work, but I do help in looking so very cute and giving lots of cuddles through the day.

My hugs and cute factor totally help to make everyone else work super hard so I don't have to!

The Minions

We don't like to mention them...but... there are others who we command and do work for us, we don't like talking about them because they are old and grey and boring, some of them call themselves 'parents' and some of the others call themselves 'adults' but they all realise that we are in control here when it comes to 'Cosmic Fox' and everything we do! Minions are far too dull to get a proper mention or a photograph!


A Little More About Us...

When I first came up with the concept of Cosmic Fox it was to create differently styled note books with a selection of personalised covers. My girls love to draw so I thought this would be a perfect gift that I would buy for them and also a great distraction from their screens.

As time went on and as the girls have grown I started to notice how much time Yoko in particular (aka the Cosmic Fox) was spending on her tablet. I also noticed that when I told her 'enough was enough' and that she needed to put the tablet away how her behaviour would change.

We are all aware of the damage that can be caused by too much screen time and what it can do to our little ones but I was seeing it first-hand - and finding it quite a worry. This is when I realised that note books would not be enough to keep my girls and other children off their devices... Cosmic Fox needed to be more, much more. We live in a world of screens - this is never going to change. Cosmic Fox's mission is to keep kids off screens. Our activity books and colouring books will help our baby's brains to switch off allowing them to be kids again.

I could list all the benefits to why colouring, drawing etc. are important. Cosmic Fox is about all those benefits but most importantly it's about kids having fun away from their devices. Come join the revolution...