FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes you can!  Simply add all your books to the shopping cart - its as simple as that! Dont forget we are offering the FREE pencils with every two books ordered - so if you buy 4 books you get two free pencil sets. Dont forget to add these to your cart - you are notified when in the shopping cart anyway!

We have set this warning to appear if the image is below 200 dpi. These images can still be printed and most people are happy with the quality. However, this is not recommended for best quality. This warning gives the you the chance to assess whether it will be ok to use or to use a better quality image.

At the moment we do not offer these but the cosmic fox is sourcing new ideas and new products all the time from around the cosmos, i am sure that we will be offering intergalactic gift cards shortly.

You will receive an order confirmation email immediately after your order has been placed.If you do not then check your junk mail filter. 

The cosmic fox takes payment at the time of placing your order. This is done securely through sagepay which is a terrestial payment gateway on earth, depending on what planet you are ordering from will determine the payment gateway used.

Yes, every order has a unique order number. This will be on the confirmation email when you place your order, alternatively you can login to your account and view your orders there.

Unfortunately no, once an order has been placed it will be going into the production planet to be made - ready to be transported back to earth to be sent to you, you would need to place another order once you have paid for your current order.

We make all our items off planet usually, then use our nifty transportation method to materialise your order direct to royal mail's doorstep, they then take your order and deliver to your doorstep - we use this method as our transfiguration module for the transporter can only localise on one location per planet. The delivery is free with royal mail.

We do not accept returns as the item has been manufactured to your personal specification, so we cannot replace an item with a spelling mistake or perhaps you uploaded the wrong picture. We do however replace faulty items as we make sure the product quality is 'out of this world'

Yes, our website needs you to create an account so you can save your designs. it is easy to sign up, click here to create an account and fill out the relevant info: Create An Account Here

If you forget your password simply visit the login screen and on the left hand side clikc the 'Forgot Password' button - this will then send you an email and you can change your password.

Yes, although the cosmic fox lives off planet, we still adhere to the new GPDR legislation and your data and privacy is treat as such. We have our terms and conditions and provacy policy on our website which you can read up. Your payment data is processed by sagepay (the earthling payment gateway) and is processed securley by their servers.

Technically no, as the cosmic fox is usually flying around galaxies through time warps and black holes, it can sometimes be very difficult to keep an appointment! Not to mention a lack of sense of direction, quite often turns the wrong way at mars and is often late home for tea!

Delivery can take up to 5 days in the UK if the cosmic fox is flying around this galaxy.

For deliveries to Europe 3-7 working days and the rest of the world is 5-10 working days.

Unfortunately the cosmic fox's mobile phone can be out of this galaxy and your mobile network may not have coverage, it is best to get in touch by email as this can be transmitted throught the entire galaxy!