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Check out our massive range of books, developed specifically for you guys!

There are two sizes of books to choose from at Cosmic Fox, and both are as good as each other - the small books meaure 113mm wide x 156mm high (nearly A6) and are a very handy size to pack away in your pocket or in your bags, even Mummies bag!!

The large books measures 148mm wide x 210mm high (A5) and these make fantastic colouring in books because the pages are much bigger, but both books are as good as each other, you just need a slightly bigger bag for the large ones ! haha!

Prices / Book Size:
#Book TypeSmall BookLarge Book
1Colouring Book£10.49£11.99
2Activity Book£10.49£11.99
3Doodle Book£9.49£10.99